Men’s Ministry

The Brotherhood is a group of consecrated Christian men under-girding all the programs of the Church and the Denomination. The Biblical basis for the Brotherhood Union is found in the 18th chapter of Exodus and in Acts 7:38.

The fourfold purpose of the brotherhood:

  1. To deepen the spirituality of men.
  2. To promote religious intelligence.
  3. To cultivate Christian Fellowship.
  4. To win the Lost to Christ.

Male Chorus

Open to all men and boys. They provide music for Sunday morning service and an opportunity for men to mentor our boys helping them to become godly men.


The men of Greater Mt. Zion follow God’s mandate in Proverbs 22:6 which reminds us to train a child in the proper manner.  We realize that many of our youth are from single-parent households.  As a result, some don’t have a godly, male example.  We have Bible study, field trips, one-to-one interaction, and other means to reach our young men.